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Product PictureCHIPDRIVE Time Recording 7.5 (CD)
Time and Attendance Software Time Recording Version 7.5 (1 hour Support included)
Product PictureSCM Zeiterfassung Chipdrive Time Recording Transport Card
Transport Card M256 to retrieve time recording data
Product PictureUser Card (5er-Pack)
SmartCards for use with CHIPDRIVE Time Recording.
- 5 pieces -
Product PictureCHIPDRIVE Cardholder for 10 User Card
CHIPDRIVE Time and Attendance Cardholder for 10 User Cards
Product PictureCHIPDRIVE Terminal TRD CDO910 V2
CHIPDRIVE Mobile Device CDO910 V2
Mobile Time recording device for contact smart cards.
Product PictureCHIPDRIVE Time Recording - Report to Mail Extension - LICENSE
Send Time Recording Reports as PDF files via Email, Time Recording 7.5.x required
Product PictureCHIPDRIVE Time Recording User Chip (5 pack)
CHIPDRIVE Time Recording User Chip (5er-Pack)
Product PictureCHIPDRIVE TimeRecording C2 License Card
Additional licenses for CHIPDRIVE time recording C2 Fingerprint
Product PictureChipdrive Timerecording Cardreader Cloud 2700 F - TR
Card reader for Timerecording version 7.x
Product PictureCHIPDRIVE User Card Touch&Go Time Recording blanko (5er-Pack) RFID
5 User Chips for CHIPDRIVE Touch & Go contactless Time and Attendance Solution
Product PictureCHIPDRIVE Wallmount for CDO910
CHIPDRIVE Wallmount for CDO910
Time and Attendance Wallmount for Time Recording CDO910 - CHIPDRIVE Time Recording