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NFC Nutshell Kit - Integratin, Funktionstest und Demonstration der NFC-Technologie

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  • 795-2020-01
  • 0,44 kg
  • 32 cm x 25 cm x 2 cm (L x B x H)
Featuring - Nano sized modules for space constrained environments - Flexible configuration... mehr

- Nano sized modules for space constrained environments
- Flexible configuration to adapt to different conditions
- Support of most popular NXP NFC reader/writer ICs
- CLRC663plus family, PN5180, PN7150*, PN7462* family
- Compatibility with existing NXP NFC and MCU development tools
- NFC Cockpit, RFIDDiscover, MCU Expresso, LPC Link2

The NFC Nutshell Kit has been developed to adress our customers wish for miniature sized NFC modules which can be be retrofitted into existing products or to integrate NFC technology into new products under development. The kit has been designed for utmost flexibility as the contained modules (Interface / MCU / NFC) can be combined in various ways to meet design and integration needs for technology testing and demonstration.
Compatibility to existing NXP NFC tools such as RFIDDiscover, NFC Cockpit and MCUXpresso or the NXP reader library guarantee a seamless integration of the Nutshell kit into existing development processes.

[initial release 2/2018]

Interface Modules
USB host connection with boot button for MCU Mass storage boot loader mode
Protocol Converter Module (USB to UART, SPI, I2C)
Signal interface/debug module
LPC Link2 Adapter

MCU Modules

NFC Modules
CLRC663plus (family)
Future releases: PN7462, PN7150, PN5120

NFC Antennas
20x10 mm
20x20 mm
40x40 mm
72x48 mm

NFC tags
2 x NTAG® 210µ - 11 mm round
2 x NTAG 216 – 12 mm rectangular
2 x ICODE SLIX2 – 15 mm round
2 x ICODE DNA – 15 mm round
1 x ICODE DNA ID1 - sized

NFC module - antenna connection cable 300 mm
USB A extension cable 200 mm
5 x FFC cables 50 mm
8 jumper wires for Signal interface debug module

General info
FFC cable module interconnection
Single 5V power supply (via USB or Signal extender interface)
On module 3V3 voltage generation
Power, USB, SPI, I2C, UART interface and auxiliary signals

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