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SCR uTrust 2700 R BLACK Edition -- 11 Jul 2019

Finally, the popular utrust2700 R card reader is also available as BLACK Edition.
Available now in our online shop or at AMAZON under:


The product line Chipdrive was discontinued at the beginning of 2016. -- 28 May 2019

As of June 2016, the Identiv smart card readers can:
Contact readers, contactless readers, dual interface card readers, tokens & mobile readers, modules & components, ConCERTO readers
at Identiv's EMEA Master Distributor SCM PC Card GmbH, Sperl-Ring 4, 85276 Pfaffenhofen (
Chargeable support for CHIPDRIVE® Time Recording is also offered here.
Orders, inquiries and contact information via


End Of Life notification of Identive Flash Readers -- 28 Nov 2012

As part of our on-going product lifecycle management process, we herewith announce End-of-Life status for the following flash based smart card readers.

Products targeted for end-of-life will be available for a last time buy purchase period prior to finally being made obsolete.

Under the terms of the last time buy program, orders with a fixed delivery date will be accepted until the above mentioned Last Time Buy Date. After this Last Time Buy date no further orders for this product can be accepted any more.

Scheduled deliveries will be permitted until the last Time Delivery Date. Thereafter, this product will be considered obsolete and no additional deliveries can be made.

Acceptance of last time buy orders is subject to product availability and at the discretion of Identive. Every effort will be made to fulfill these orders. Purchase orders for these products will be considered non-cancelable, non-returnable and non-re-schedulable.

We realize that a product discontinuation may cause some inconvenience to our customers. In order to make the product transition to the replacement device as smoothly as possible, our sales and technical support teams are ready to help and to answer any questions in relation to our products and solutions.

In the case of questions concerning this End Of Life notification we appreciate an early communication.

Identive Infrastructure Reader Product Transition Table


Cheetah Pro Controller is End Of Life! -- 24 Jul 2012

We hereby inform you that the Cheetah Pro controller, which was built in the ATA memory cards, is End of Life.
The successor is Tiger controller and is now built into the cards.


SCM PC-Card now on Facebook -- 05 Jul 2012

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Fehlerhafte eGK -- 24 Oct 2011

only available in German


Einbindung von eHealth Terminals in die Praxissoftware -- 28 Apr 2011

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NFC-Smart-Poster-Sticker for Google Hotspot-Service -- 12 Apr 2011

Atlanta and Santa Ana, April 12, 2011
ACiG Technology, a supplier and distributor of RFID products and a business unit of Identive Group, Inc. announced that is has been selected as the exclusive supplier of near field communication (NFC) RFID stickers for the roll out of Google´s marketing campaign of Google Places in Austin, Texas.
The NFC stickers are manufactured by ACiG´s sister company, Smartag.

Google is currently distributing the 80x50mm stickers to local business owners throughout Austin to help them promote their products and services and encourage people to rate and review the businesses on Google´s new local recommendation engine. The smart stickers are utilized to convert conventional advertising posters to connected smart posters.

Consumers with NFC-enabled mobile phones who have downloaded the "Google Places app" can simply touch their devices to the stickers to access all kinds of relevant information about a local business from across the web

such as its address, phone number, hours of operation, payment types, helpful reviews and more.

Consumers can rate or review the business right from the webpage on the mobile device, and then receive more personalized local recommendations in their search results based on their opinions and those of their friends.


eHealth: high demand lead to shortage -- 17 Mar 2011

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nPA -- 02 Mar 2011

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New nPA & Cebit -- 02 Mar 2011

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eHealth200 BCS qualified for digital signature -- 24 Feb 2011

only available in German...


eHealth200 BCS & SafeNet -- 24 Feb 2011

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ConCERTO for Converged Logical and Physical Access -- 08 Dec 2010

SCM Microsystems, a business unit of Identive Group, Inc. introduced ConCERTO, an innovative solution that allows the rapid and cost-effective addition of logical access security to existing physical access systems.

The new solution combines SCMs new ConCERTO LOGON Manager, the Compa...


AusweisApp -- 08 Dec 2010

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eHealth 200 & 500 -- 29 Nov 2010

only available in German


KBV and Health Insurance define allowance -- 14 Nov 2010

only available in German


Goverment pressure on health insurance companies. -- 08 Nov 2010

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Sicherheits-Plattform GeNUBox -- 05 Nov 2010

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SCL011 & SDI011 -- 05 Nov 2010

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free IT security kit via Cosmos Direkt -- 05 Nov 2010

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IT Security Kit -- 05 Nov 2010

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Portfolio enhancement through acquisition -- 01 Nov 2010

Singapur, 1. November 2010 - Identive
Group, Inc. today announced that it has entered into an agreement with the France-based Group FCI SA to acquire FCI´s Smartag subsidiary, a Singapore-based manufacturer of RFID inlays and inlay applications, as well as an associated portfolio of RFID an...


eGK Roll-out restarts 2011 -- 31 Oct 2010

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SCR3310v2 reader/writers are being used by China Unicom -- 28 Oct 2010

ISMANING, Germany, October 28, 2010 SCM Microsystems, a leading provider of solutions for secure access, secure identity and secure exchange and a business unit of Identive Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE, FSE: INV), announced that it has been selected to provide SCR3310v2 high-speed card reader/writers ...


IT-Security kit -- 04 Oct 2010

only available in German


Knowledge or Safety issues? -- 26 Aug 2010

Multi-protocol contactless reader for eID

Dietmar Wendling, Vice President Market Sector e-Government, SCM Microsystems, comment on public reviews:


Custom Write Technology offered by Sandisk,
implemented by SCM
-- 11 Jul 2010

SanDisk WORM Cards enable unalterable data storage of digital information and
are designed for applications where data reliability and safety are paramount. With 100
year data retention¹ capability, these cards ensure the longevity, as well as the integrity,
of data stored.


Identive Group:
Multicard wins project for new electronic ID card (nPA)
-- 21 Jun 2010

Identive Group, a leading provider of products, services and solutions for the security, identification and RFID industries, today announced that Multicard GmbH, a part of the group, wins project at "Bundesministerium des Inneren" for the new electronic ID card.

The ...


Siemens qualify SCM PC-Card Reader -- 09 Nov 2009

More information


NeoPhotonics widely tunable NTL2040 -- 21 Jul 2008

NeoPhotonics widely tunable NTL2040 high power tunable laser for DWDM networks has
an output power of 40 mW and other features ideal for DQPSK coding, 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps systems.

NeoPhotonics NTL2040 tunable laser comes in an ITLA form factor and with one part number
can address all commonly used wavelengths in DWDM systems in the C, C+, L and XL bands,
with channel spacing based on the â€ÜITU-Tâ€? specified 50 GHz grid.

ECOC 2008, Brussels
Opening Times
Monday 22nd September 2008
09:30 - 18:00
Tuesday 23rd September 2008
09:30 - 17:00
Wednesday 24th September
09:30 - 16:00

Stand #30


New highspeed FlashCard Reader -- 22 Mai 2008

The ICS-237C rev.2 is a external 5-slot highspeed FlashCard Reader
for different memory cards.

Detailed information about this product


Getting Fiber to Homes Faster -- 31 Jan 2008

Circuits that integrate electronic and optical components might help spread the fiber revolution.

By Kate Greene

A new circuit that combines electrical and optical components could speed the deployment of fiber-optic
networks to homes, which would usher in a host...