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Product PictureADP-CF Type II
PCMCIA CompactFlash Adapter Type II into hardcase

without release option
Product PictureADP-CF Type I
PCMCIA CompactFlash Adapter Type I into hardcase
Product PictureADP-Ex34
The ADP-Ex34 Cardbus adapter supports the usage of a ExpressCard34 in an PCMCIA slot.
Product PictureADP-Ex34D
The DuelAdapter Cradle is easy to set up and use. No software driver is required. Once combined, the Cradle and ExpressCard assembly may be inserted or removed from your computers PCMCIA slot without the need to reboot. The ExpressCard may also be swapped in and out without removing the Cradle from your computer.
Product PictureADP-SDHC_SDIO
SDHC/SD/MMC/SDIO to 32bit Cardbus Adapter
Product PictureSCR241
PCMCIA SmartCard Reader von SCM
Product PictureSCR243
Secure Card Reader von SCM