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Product PictureRFID Multi-ISO Reader
RFID Multi-ISO Desktop Reader, USB
ISO15693, MIFARE Plus support, PC/SC compliant
Product PictureRFID Multi-ISO Reader with Keyboard Emulation
USB CCID compliant with HID (Human Interface Device) keyboard emulation
Product PictureSANGOMA FSP 13.56 Mhz Field Strentgh Probe
13,56Mhz RFID reader-writer testing
Product PictureSCM uTrust 3700 F
USB RFID Desktop Reader for contactless smart Cards - 13.56 MHz
Product PictureAPPB
This universal applicable ARYGON NFC / Mifare Plug Play Module based on the latest NXP RFID technology combines all technical requirements for use in a variety of RFID market segments and applications: Access, Ticketing, Point of Sales, etc.
Product PictureCard Holder for SCL0xx
Card Holder for SCL010 and SCL011
Product Picturecontactless card
White contactless cards for most available technologies and standards including 13,56 MHz, 125 kHz and UHF.
Product PictureCradle for SCL0xx
Cradle for SCL010 and SCL011
Product PictureKeyfob BASIC
Product PictureKeyfob DROP
Product PictureKeyfob ECO
Product PictureLegic Multi Standard Reader, 13,56MHz, USB 2.0
This desktop product is based on the latest LEGIC® SM-4200 reader chip technology to ensure maximum performance, a wide range of supported transponders and low power consumption.
Product PictureNFC Nutshell Kit
The NFC Nutshell Kit modules are specifically designed for:
- NFC technology integration / retrofitting into existing or new product designs
- Building up of NFC enabled demonstrators
- NFC technology evaluation
- Application testing and development
Product PictureNFC Solutions Development Kit
NFC Solutions Development Kit
Product PictureSCM3712
Contactless Reader Board
Product PictureSCM3712 - EA
Contactless Reader Board - external antenna
Product PictureSCM3712 - NFC
Contactless Reader Board - NFC
Product PictureADRBv2 USB NFC - RFID Reader
NFC - RFID Desktop Leser USB 2.0 / Virtual COM Port / 13,56 MHz / ISO14443 / FeliCa / Mifare
Product PictureRFID Multi-ISO reader RS232
RFID Multi-ISO Desktop Leser RS232
ISO15693, MIFARE Plus Support
Product PictureSDI011 generic
Dual Interface SmartCard Reader from SCM combines contact and contactless interface capabilities to support the growing demand for badging and other personal identification applications utilizing contactless SmartCards.

- product is end of life -
Successor is : SDI uTrust 4701 F
Product PictureUSB 5Pin to USB A - SCM3712, SCM3712-NFC, SCM3712-EA
USB cable for the Contactless Reader Board SCM3712, SCM3712-NFC , SCM3712-EA