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Short product description
This universal applicable ARYGON NFC / Mifare Plug Play Module based on the latest NXP RFID technology combines all technical requirements for use in a variety of RFID market segments and applications: Access, Ticketing, Point of Sales, etc.
Product description
It supports transponders according ISO14443 (for e.g. Mifare family) as well as active-passive and active-active Near Field Communication (NFC) according to ISO18092.
This peer to peer (p2p) functionality allows intuitive communication e.g. between NFC mobile phones and point-of-sales terminals, vending machines or access terminals.
Technical specifications
Key Features:
easyDESFire protocol
Near Field Communication (NFC)
PIN code protected EEPROM to personalize reader
Firmware bootloader via host interface
Several User I/Os (PWM, LCD, Buzzer, etc.)
PC/SC 2.01 compliant (Win 2000, XP, Vista; Linux)

Supported Card Types:
ISO 14443 A (APPA)
ISO 14443 A/B (APPB)
ISO 18092 (NFC transport protocol)
Sony FeliCa compliant
NXP Mifare family compliant
ISO 14443 A - 4 (T=CL)
ARYGON easyDESFire protocol

Operating System Support:
Windows 98SE
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista

Technical Details:
USB 2.0
RS 232
RS 485 / 422 (Half- or Full Duplex)
S2C (Smart MX Mifare emulation)
Micromatch connector

Temperature area:
Storage -40°C to +85°C
Operation -20°C to +80°C

APPB2US00 μController, USB, USB bus powered
APPB23205 μController, RS232, 5 VDC 4)
APPB2UA05 μController, UART (CMOS-TTL), 5 VDC 4)
APPB2UA33 μController, UART, 3.3 VDC 4)
APPB2I205 * μController, I2C, 5 VDC 4) APPB28505F * μController, RS485, Full-Duplex, 5 VDC 4)

1. Sony FeliCa command set only in pass through mode (no SAM)
2. USB interface via virtual COM port (VCP). Drivers for Windows, Linux, Mac OS
PC/SC compliant driver for Windows (32 bit) with IDE support for Windows SmartCard Resource Manager API, Linux Red Hat Linux 5 (Kernel 2.6.18)
3. Wiegand interface is only available with a power supply of +5.0 VDC 4)
4. A filtered, stabilized power supply to be used