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Short product description
Time and Attendance Software Time Recording Version 7.5 (1 hour Support included)
Product description
Complete starter package for time and attendance Zeiterfassung Standardansicht Softwareoberflächewith CHIPDRIVE® Time Recording. The package contains the software for administration and analysis of the employee data as well as the extension of the PC Time Clock software. The new version 7.5 of our time registration software offers many new features. Some of the new features are a new and intuitive graphical user interface, support for many different card types and tokes from other vendors (ISO14443 A / B) after purchasing a CHIPDRIVE Time Recording License Card, an automatic backup function and much more. Further down you will find a complete overview of the new features.
Technical specifications
The time registration software from CHIPDRIVE® Time Recording consists of three components:

CHIPDRIVE® Time Recording is the main component of the software package. It is used for administration and analysis of the employees working time. The software allows you to add new employees, define the basic working hours, administer projects and breaks, vacation, overtime, absence from work due to illness and much more. All data will be gathered within this core software. You can then use the data for extended analysis, reports and also export the data to a Microsoft Excel sheet. By doing so you are always informed about the employees working hours, absence and you can use it to plan your resources in an efficient manner.

The CHIPDRIVE® PC Time Clock module allows employees to clock in and out directly at their workplace simply using the smart card and a smart card reader, even when they are working from home. The recorded working hours will then be transferred to CHIPDRIVE® PC Time Clock Server either via the local TCP/IP network (HTTP) or optionally via E-Mail (POP3 / SMTP).

CHIPDRIVE® PC Time Clock Server is the connecting component between the central installation of CHIPDRIVE® Time Recording, the various CHIPDRIVE® PC Time Clock installations and (or) as many CHIPDRIVE® Terminal clocking devices as you might need in your installation.

System requirements
Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

Package Contents
License by eMail incl. Download Link